Live Again, Love Again

I am penning this letter in the hopes you may some day read it. After your disappearance, Lucy Cahill stopped by the house and gave me your clothes. It seems that Mr. Cahill had hidden them, thinking you to be less than a proper girl. I carefully unfolded the unusual belongings. Mother and I looked long at your cotton shirt, which had 'Guns and Roses' written across the front, and ‘San Diego 1994’ on the back. It was then that we knew your strange story to be true...

Seventeen-year-old Kelsey is anxious to be on her own. A teenage rebel complete with  blonde hair dyed black, she suffers a serious head injury in a motorcycle accident. Although hospitalized and comatose in the present time, she awakens under a big magnolia tree near the town of Rome, Georgia. Kelsey is in total shock when told the year is 1871.


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